We all know that nursing is an ever-evolving field. Technology and evidence-based practices are improving the profession every day. But what can you do as a nurse to improve your delivery of care? For many, getting an advanced degree provides a path to better care and a more fulfilling career. 

Not only will getting an advanced degree (BSN, MSN, DNP, FNP, etc) help you land a job, but it will also help you deal with the ever-growing demands of the nursing profession. Additionally, you’ll be able to assume more responsibility and climb the career ladder.

According to Pew Research there are now more millennials than baby boomers. This will only exacerbate the nursing shortage as baby boomers age and the need for care grows. AACN projects the nursing profession to grow by 15% by 2026. How will you stand out from the crowded field of nurses looking to advance their careers? The best way is through obtaining an advanced degree. 

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Education Needed

Bachelor's DegreeMaster's DegreeMaster's Degree Doctoral DegreeMaster's Degree

Average Tuition


Average Salary


Program Length

4 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years3 Years

2018-2028 Job Outlook

19% 19% 28% 31% 17%

Program Details

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